What is Iranian Sookh-e-Moarragh?

What is Iranian Sookh-e-Moarragh?

Sookh-e-Moarragh (pyrography or burnt the leather) is known as pokerwork or wood burning too, it means writing with fire. The art form goes back to prehistory by early humans when they made some picture by fire on the natural materials such as wood animal skins or stones. Then it was widespread to China, Egypt, Africa, Greece, and etc.

However its special form or Iranian pattern and some call it decuple art as an art perfection, because of dominating on the variety of arts such as skin, drawing, Moaragh, coloring, woodcarving, gilding, calligraphy, gold blocking, Tazhib (gilding), and binding. This art is going to forget , rarly are working it.

Nowadays this  exclusive art is in Iran and among isfahanian artists with some specific features, which is distinguished from the other paintings. It started before the Timurid dynasty and then due to the capital movement to Isfahan in Safavid dynasty, it has been in the peak of perfection. Finally Sookht-e-Moaragh has gotten the most great changes in 1921 by the late master Mir Mohammad Moalem Khoshnevis and the late master Taghi Kalbasi, who were the originators of innovation.

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